7 Piece Brush Set

7 Piece Brush Set


Sick of over-priced brushes that scratch up your face?

Looking for luxury without price tag?

Look no further.

Our entry level brush kit contains all the tools you need to start creating the real you - and a custom roll case to keep them in.

Each set contains:

  • Powder brush for setting and finishing

  • Concealer brush for touch ups and contouring

  • Eyeshadow applicator for packing on pigment

  • Angled eye brush for finer detail

  • 2-in-1 eyebrow defining brush

  • Lip brush for applying shine, and

  • Compact all-rounder for doing whatever the hell you need to finish off your look

Whether your just starting out or looking to replace some old favorites, the Fishface brush set will keep you looking stunning all year round.

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