BABYFISH Kit Product Guide


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The right way to do drag

There is no right way to do drag, and there is no right way to use our makeup! YouTube is a great source for makeup tutorials of all types. But remember that drag is what YOU make it.

If you’re brand new, we’ve put a couple of starting points below. Remember to practice, practice, practice! No one starts off knowing how to perfectly apply drag makeup, even if you’ve used makeup in the past. All our products are build-able so you can play with the eyeshadow colours, contour intensity, lip shape and foundation coverage levels.


Use any brush for anything that feels right for you – it really doesn’t matter. The brush set includes a powder brush (extra-large), foundation brush (large), eyeshadow brush (medium), eyebrow brush (the small angled brush), lip brush (small round tip brush), eyeshadow sponge applicator, and eyebrow comb. However, we believe in using whichever brush you need to get the job done.

To use the makeup sponge, wet it completely and then squeeze out the excess water. The sponge will grow, become softer to the touch, and won’t soak up as much of the cream products when you’re blending them in to your skin.

STEP ONE - Brows

  1. Start off by using the eyebrow comb in the brush set to brush your brows in one direction. Grab the glue stick and apply to your brows, pushing down hard in the natural direction your brows grow. Once the first layer is mostly dry, apply more layers until all the hair is lying flat.

  2. Wait for the final layer to dry, then press the setting powder into the glue using the dampened makeup sponge to completely set the glue.

NOTE: Patience is the key when setting your brows; if you don’t let the glue dry completely after applying setting powder, other makeup products will loosen your brow hair. A hand fan will help the glue dry more quickly. While it’s drying, we recommend practicing your lip-syncing.

The glue is non-toxic, and water based. Avoid getting the product in your eyes and rinse thoroughly if this occurs. It will wash off out of the brows with warm water. 


  1. Next up, apply the foundation to your face and over the brows, and then blend it out with the damp makeup sponge. Bounce the sponge over your face to apply the product evenly, and to properly work the product in to your skin. Blending the foundation in should take a couple of minutes. Don’t forget your ears, and make sure to blend down to the décolletage for an even skin tone.

  2. You can now use the contour palette to change your face; you can enhance your cheekbones by darkening the area underneath them, carve out a thinner nose by darkening the sides, minimize your jaw line, or whatever else you want to do.

  3. Start by applying the darker cream contour in the areas you want to darken, and the lighter cream contour in areas you want to brighten. Use the FISHFACE setting powder to set the cream in areas you want to highlight. Go over the cream contour with a darker powder shade from the contour palette to set the cream and intensify the contour.


  1. Use the brushes or your fingers to apply your preferred shade to the lid of the eye. You can do this any way you like and use whatever colours you’re drawn to.

  2. If you’re not sure where to start, it can be helpful to apply a clean layer of a single matte colour to the eyelid, and then blend it out with brush to the pigment out past the eye, and up to where you plan to draw your brows.

  3. You can then apply a shimmer shade over this on your lids and slightly above your lids for some drama. If you more from your shimmer shades, dampen your brush slightly and coat the brush before applying.

  4. Next, grab your eye liner and apply over the eyeshadow. A simple way to do this is to apply the eye liner along the upper lash line and leave it at that. This will help when you’re applying your brows later.

  5. If you want a dramatic winged eye liner, we recommend you practice the shape a few times without any other makeup on to work out what shape works for you. That way you can remove and try again or fix small mistakes more easily.

  6. Once you’re happy with your eyes, you can move on to the brows. The brow palette includes two powder shades (blonde and brunette) a wax, and applicator. Apply the wax first in the shape you desire, then follow with the powder products. You can mix the two shades to find the right colour for you or apply the lighter colour on the inside of the eyebrow shape to achieve a more ombré look. Or you can use the eyeshadow to apply brows in any colour you like!


  1. The lip liner included in the BABYFISH kit will work with both FISHFACE liquid lipsticks. Start with the lip liner and draw the lip shape you want. This can be on your natural lip line, or you can create a new lip line by drawing over your natural lips.

  2. Once you’re happy with the shape, fill in the rest of your lips with your choice of liquid lipstick. You can draw completely over the lip liner or leave some visible for an ombré look. If you’re struggling, use the small, rounded rush (lip brush) to finesse the product. This product is build-able which will help you develop your skills in getting a perfect lip shape, so don’t be afraid to apply layers.

Finishing touches

  1. Next, apply a layer of mascara to your top and bottom eyelashes. This will help to darken your eyelashes as they’re probably covered with powder at this stage and won’t blend in with the false eyelashes. Allow a moment for the mascara to dry before moving on. If you get some somewhere you didn’t want it like on your cheek, allow it to dry before removing with the eyebrow brush, then use the makeup sponge to go over it.

  2. To apply the false eyelashes you will to purchase some lash glue. Lots of people prefer to use the black glue. In terms of how to apply them, there is a reason some many beauty guru’s do this off camera: it’s hard, it’s not pretty, and it’s awkward.

  3. It can help to trim the false eyelashes first if they are too wide for your eye shape. It can also help to hold the false eyelash flexed in the shape of the curve of your eye for a moment before applying. Lastly, make sure you allow the glue to dry for a few seconds until tacky before sticking it on your lid. Once they’re on, apply a little more mascara to blend your natural eyelashes with the false eyelashes. 

For the final step, stare in to the mirror and work out three things you like about your masterpiece, and three things you don’t like. Next time you sit down, remember this so you can build on what you know works for you!